Friday, December 03, 2004

Hey blog, long time no see.

So much to say, and apparently little inclination to say it.

  1. The Boy is great. He's so happy and gregarious I'd question his parentage (If I didn't know better) He's just started to move, sort of an infantryman crawl where he drags himself along by his arms. When he tries to crawl, he just pushes himself backwards - I'm sure he'll get his limbs synchronized soon, then look out.
  2. The company is good. We're making money on a consistent basis, and growing at a decent clip. Now we're having trouble finding good people...
  3. Life in general is good. Wife is healthy and happy, as am I. We're a bit boring, but really, that's not news eh?

Not much in the way of cuisine hunting lately, guess I'd better get moving. I'm having Moroccan this weekend though, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.