Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nice weekend for a ride

After 6 weeks off the bike with a medical issue (think "plumbing"), I did about 54 miles this weekend on Saturday, a round trip out the Burke Gilman to the Sammamish River Trail and on to Marymoor.

Part way out I got mixed up in a Cascade ride that was supposed to keep 16 - 18 mph pace. In reality, we had several bursts up to 20, but good communication. The ride leader invited me along, but I politely declined. Their plan was to do 80 miles at that pace, and I'm pretty sure I'd have dropped off the back within an hour. Still I did manage to stay with them for a few miles, so that was encouraging.

Overall I averaged about 14 mph, and felt pretty good on Sunday. Monday I did 15 miles with a bit of climbing and felt fine. I think I'll finish the STP, but I won't be nearly as strong as I hoped. Nevertheless, I'll keep training as much as I can.