Tuesday, November 04, 2008

RANS Fusion - Quick Review

Quick Riding Impression – this thing is FUN! I took it out for a 7ish mile jaunt the other night and had a blast. It is very user friendly (except for those trigger shifters, which I loathe), and basically comfy to boot. Plenty wide gearing, big cushy comfy tires, and a head up riding position all contributed to the fact that it was a hoot to ride.
A few minor nits:
• My behind was fatigued during the ride and a tiny bit sore the next day. I don’t know if that is bike setup, me, the design or a combination of the three.
• The low end gearing was very low, which was nice for climbing, but I found the bike a bit “floppy” at low speeds. This led to some weaving as I climbed Queen Anne, and that was unnerving.
• I hit the chain several times with my feet as I was riding. That probably wouldn’t be an issue with clipless pedals, but was a minor irritant while underway. Full disclosure, I wear size 11 shoes, YMMV.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. If I had unlimited bike dollars and space, I’d certainly add one to my stable. I think it would be a great loaner bike for friends or errand bike for rides under 10 miles.