Friday, December 05, 2008

November Mileage

Looks like I did around 175 miles in November, my biggest month in many years. It was primarily a mix of 7 mile commute rides, 10 mile Saturday rides, and 25 mile Sunday rides. I did get one nice 30 miler in that I took over the I90 bridge, that left me tired, but not absurdly so, and a 25 miler out to Alki. Both were firsts for me, and my average speed was a bit low, as I was not sure about where I was going, and had to do a bit of map reading/wayfinding as I went. My long rides are averaging between 11.5 (ouch) and 13.5 mph. I'd like to get that up to 15 or so by STP time, but we'll see.

Beginning odo readings for December are 71 on the Trek and 290 on the Lightning.