Monday, November 25, 2002

They are everywhere...

Who, you might ask? Well stars of course, this is LA after all. I've met Dennis Hopper (looks like my grandfather) and stood in line for a buffet next to Ahnold. Waited at the bar next to Anthony Edwards, and seen Dick Van Dyke at Best Buy (carrying a man purse no less!). Although I may blog about some of these events later, what really prompted this post was discovering that my next door neighbor's father is an actor. No, he's not incredibly well known, but you might recognize him - at least in a movie. I've seen this guy probably 20 times walking around in their yard playing with his granddaughter and never thought anything of it. Tonight though, he needed a jump, and his daughter in law's spiffy Volvo seemed to have moved its battery to a secure undisclosed location. While we were setting up, we had a fairly normal "get to know you" conversation. He mentioned he was an actor, I told him I was a programmer/business owner. Pleasantries were exchanged, the car was started and he was on his way.

Then of course, I raced inside to my computer, and then - to Google. No, I'm not going to mention who he is, but wow; he's even been nominated for an Oscar.

Update: As it turns out, I'd just as soon not have known him.

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