Monday, March 02, 2009

Saturday Recumbent Riding

This past Saturday Duncan (and his brain)and I took our recumbents on a bit of a tour of Seattle's bike paths. What was planned as a leisurely out and back on the Burke Gilman turned into something else.

Only a few minutes into our ride, my wife called to inform me I'd locked her out of the garage and that she had to call a friend to pick her and my son up for an am birthday party. (In one of my brainier moves, I'd given a mechanic ALL her keys, not just the car keys.) There was some discussion of how they would get back from the party, but Duncan graciously agreed to ride back to my place and then help me ferry the car over to the birthday party (in Magnolia) before we continued our ride.

So we turned our trusty steeds westward and slogged up QA hill, only to discover that his bike wouldn't fit on my roof rack. That led to Duncan riding over to Magnolia solo, and waiting for me as I dropped off my car, unloaded my bike and headed back to our arranged meeting spot.

Finally, we could ride in earnest. We did a lap of Magnolia, then went down the path through Myrtle Edwards park toward downtown. Back uphill through downtown to the Dexter bike path, then parted ways as I headed up the hill and he down.

Overall it was a nice ride, with about 2,000 feet of climbing and 25 ish miles overall.

p.s. I got 2 extra copies of the garage key made yesterday.


Duncan Watson said...

It was great fun for me. I need more hills anyway and I got to see a lot of Seattle that I haven't before. I have uploaded our ride to Motionbased.

We need to do it again.

Russell said...

Count on it! Next time we can make it to Alki too.

Duncan Watson said...

Alki sounds like fun. My work training ride looks like it will be the 21st so I can go any weekend day but that one.