Monday, March 30, 2009

Wet Loop of Washington

This past Saturday, Duncan and I lapped Lake Washington again. Though the company was pleasant, the weather was not. It rained, and rained, and rained, pretty much the entire time we were out. On top of that it was pretty chilly. At one point we stopped for a snack, then froze when we remounted. I only warmed back up after we sprinted up the west side of the airport and got our cores up to operating temperature again.

I rode the Phantom this week, as I had no mishaps on the way to Gasworks Park. I felt a bit slower uphill, but stronger overall, and far more comfortable. Last week my legs started hurting at about mile 20, this week they didn't really hurt at all. I felt fine on Sunday, and took the Salsa on a quick 15 mile ride around Magnolia and then back up Queen Anne. I also averaged over 14 mph, including climbs, for the first time in Seattle.


Duncan Watson said...

Though chilly I enjoyed the ride, I did get out on Sunday and ride with a co-worker. Sunday was gorgeous and sunny.

Russell said...

Sunday was wonderful indeed. It was my first ride in 5 months or so with no tights or leg warmers!