Tuesday, June 09, 2009

70 miles 70!

Saturday I took the Lightning out the Burke Gilman, to the Sammamish River Trail, then east into some hills near Redmond. I averaged a paltry 13.6 mph, but really spend most of my time over 14. The hills just killed my average speed. Although I think I'm a bit faster uphill now than I was earlier this spring, going from 3.5 mph to 5 isn't enough improvement.

Overall I felt great on the ride, except for my lower back. It was a bit tired and sore on the last two long rides I did (56 and 70 mi), but felt fine after getting off the bike for a few minutes and resting. I'm trying to do more ab and back exercises during the week to help with that, and I'm pretty confident I can make some improvement over the next five weeks.

I doubt I can improve my climbing much in that time period though, especially with my limited training schedule. Since the STP route is pretty flat, I'm not too concerned about it. I mostly want to get better on climbs so that I can enjoy more riding in this area and keep up with any groups I join. Once the STP is over, I think I'll start riding shorter, but more difficult routes in pursuit of this goal.


Duncan Watson said...

Very nice. Hills really hit the average speed so 13.6 is good. I am amazing at how even short periods off the bike rejuvenate me.

We need to do a ride together again. One of these days I want to go over Bluwet Pass, the COGS have a nice route that is very sheltered from cars. From Cle Elum to Leavenworth and back is 104 miles and 5000 ft of climbing.


Russell said...

Sounds like a nice ride, maybe in September. My August has loads of family stuff in it already.

Climbed QA hill last night on the Salsa, barely even used my lowest gear. I was flying by my standards, so that felt pretty good.

Robert H said...

Any chance I could sucker you and your Salsa (a fine bike, BTW) in to riding SIR's summer 100K?

It should be a lot of fun and would be excellent STP training. My wife and I are on our 3rd year of STP together and I find that a little hill training can work wonders on your overall average speed.

It is about 65 miles and plenty of climbing.

Russell said...


Thanks for the invite and compliment. I'm interested, but will shoot you an email with some follow up questions.