Thursday, June 04, 2009

Salsa Casseroll again

I took the Salsa out for a quick ride south of downtown Seattle and back last night, and just loved it. I really enjoy my Lightning for longer rides and comfort, but the Casseroll has a sprightly feel that is completely lacking on my recumbent. (It is also 10 lbs or so lighter)

I ended up riding several hundred yards on a dirt/gravel path to get around a detour and the relatively fat tires ate it right up. Ditto for the many RR crossing and potholes I encountered in SoDo. I returned home up 4th to Dexter, then up the east side of QA. I'm far faster on moderate slopes than I was last summer, but still find myself looking for one more gear on the steep stuff. Honestly, I think my gearing is low enough, I just need to ride more hills.

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