Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things I learned on the SIR 100k

  • I need a better hydration setup for my Lightning. One water bottle cage won't cut it, as switching stuff from my bags is too time consuming while riding to a time limit. Ditto for food.
  • I need a place to put the cue sheet. Jersey pocket + recumbent = sweaty, inaccessible mess.
  • If I'm going to ride with SIR, I need to ride more hills, and/or get a better climbing bike (or just use the Salsa). I was spent after the 100k, but part of that was underhydration and lack of calories.
  • My stomach tolerated my gatorade/bread/luna bar diet quite well.
  • The Lightning is flexible, and slightly scary on bumpy downhills.
  • Need to accurately calibrate my cycle computer. Mismatch between my mileage and the cue sheet made navigation harder than it needed to be. I was off by about .3 miles a third of the way in, which made finding the turns harder than it had to be.


Duncan Watson said...

I am a big fan of the fastback water systems and carrying a bladder on the seat back. It really works great for me. I have a bag hanging from my handlebar too with food and camera. I would put the cue sheet in there.

Russell said...

I'll have to consider that. Not sure I can get it before the STP though.